Safest vasopressor in pregnancy is?


  1. In mc roberts manoeuvre hip is flexed against mothers abdomen.this leads to injury of which nerve?
    a. lumbosacral trunk
    b. obturator n
    c. femoral n.
    d. lateral cutaneous n of thigh

  2. All are done in management of shoulder dystocia except?
    a. fundal pressure
    b. mc roberts manoeuvre
    c. suprapubic pressure
    d. wood s manoeuvre

  3. A 25 year old married nullipara undergoes laproscopic cystectomy for ovarian cyst which on histopath reveals serous ovarian adenocarcinoma.what should be the next management?
    a. serial ca-125 and follow up
    b. hysterectomy and salpingooophorectomy
    c. hysterectomy + radiotherapy
    d. radiotherapy

  4. Safest vasopressor in pregnancy is?
    a. ephedrine
    b. phenylephrine
    c. methoxamine
    d. mephentine

  5. Fallopian tube dysmotility is seen in?
    a. noonan syn
    b. turner syn
    c. kartagener syn
    d. marfan syn

  6. All of the following investigations are used in figo staging of carcinoma cervix except?
    a. cect
    b. ivp
    c. cystoscopy
    d. proctosigmoidoscopy

  7. Clue cells are found in?
    a. candidial vaginosis
    b. bacterial vaginosis
    c. trichomoniasis

  8. Best indicator of ovarian reserve is?
    a. fsh
    b. estradiol
    c. lh
    d. fsh/ lh ratio