Score writeup- 258

Have to start with thanking God allmighty, and my friends and family for all the moral and social support during preparation for this giant of an exam.
I’ll try and keep this as brief as possible.

Background- Non US IMG

Prep Time- 6 months- only studies, no job or anything else.

Resources- Kaplan Lectures+ notes, UFAP, BnB

  • First 2 months- did one pass of Kaplan lectures (2014 and 2015) along with notes. DO NOT RECOMMEND. Realised my mistake at the end of 2 months and switched.
  • Uworld- only online. Did 2 blocks per day only on timed random and reviewed everything the same day. Made written notes because I retain stuff better that way.
  • Pathoma- 2 passes with pathoma written notes. Annotated onto FA.
  • FA- started (-3 months) to the exam. MISTAKE. Start with FA as right at the beginning of prep. Did FA and Uworld simultaneously. Did not annotate onto FA since i was making written notes already.
  • BnB- GEM of a resouce. Started using it at (-2 months). Dont regret it starting earlier since it’s more of a review than a teaching aid. You need to have some background before starting BnB.

Uworld- finished in 5 months. Second pass at 4 blocks per day- finished in 1 month. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

Pre test assessments-

UW first pass- 72%.Second pass- 94%

NBME 20- 4 weeks out- 240

NBME 21- 3.5 weeks out- 245

NBME 22- 3 weeks out- 238

UWSA 1- 2.5 weeks out- 264

NBME 24- 2 weeks out- 240

Free 120- 1 week out- 93%

NBME 18- 3 days out- 252

UWSA 2- 2 days out- 262

Reddit 2019 predictor- 254

Take aways-

  • Multiple passes of standard resources >>>> one pass of multiple resources.
  • I feel if you’re doing NBMES regularly, you dont need another qbank if you’re already doing your Uworld regularly.
  • Sleep well the night before the exam. The exam these days is not recall based at all. Focus throughout your prep period. At most times you will pick an answer based on what you remembered studying 3 or 4 months ago,
  • No replacement for intensity. I did 14-16 hours per day leading upto the exam. You gotta wake up to it.
    Take a couple of weeks off after the exam but don’t be afraid of “burning out”. It’s an overrated term used these days.
  • Pick a date and start working towards it. You’re never pushed to the edge if you dont have a deadline to work towards.

I know prep can be disheartening and at times going gets hard. But BELIEVE in yourself always. We are medical students and are the top 5% of the population. You didnt get to this point by chance, it’s because you have it in you. Always believe in your potential and give it all you got. Dont leave anything on the table.
All questions welcome :slight_smile: