Senior doctor’s experience. ...A real disheartening experience

Senior doctor’s experience. …A real disheartening experience -
Yesterday I happened to visit the emergency unit of one medical college ( non-medico friend’s father was serious ). Emergency was full of patients, no space to even breathe properly. Only one junior resident running here and there since night, managing serious patients ( referred from all over the periphery.) Consultant comes for the round, starts scolding the junior resident for the inefficient management of the patients. In a corner, I am listening to the conversation between the consultant & junior resident ( who is feeling low due to lack of sleep & being on toe the whole night ) Finally consultant reaches our patient’s bed, who just reached here about 45 min back & resident could do only basic work up of sending investigations. Consultant starts shouting on the resident for not collecting the reports and not getting the X ray abdomen done. Throws the file on the resident’s face & goes out of the emergency angrily saying bad words like moron, worthless , sloth etc etc. Resident feeling disgusted enters washroom & bolts from inside as attendants also getting aggressive against that resident. As a spectator of the scene, different ideas start striking my mind - attendants may also beat the resident or resident may commit suicide ( resident was really depressed while entering the washroom). Myself along with N/S started knocking at door, after about 10 min, resident opens the door with flushed face & swollen eyes. I get a cup of tea along with few biscuits for the resident & introduce myself to the resident. Slowly, the resident opened up & told me that this is the everyday story. Many residents leave the residency in between & a few who become mentally weak commit suicide. Those who still able to face the adversities, continue listening bad words from attendants also .
This is what happens with the future doctors in front of the public, then we expect a good behaviour of public with us doctors
To Stop violence against doctors , first step is - stop torturing the residents mentally and physically in front of public .
… Anonymous .