September PLAB 1 Results and Important Preparation Tips for PLAB 1

September PLAB 1 Results and Important Preparation Tips for PLAB 1 :white_check_mark::white_check_mark::exclamation::exclamation:

The results given below shows the majority struggled to pass the exam. It implies that the resources used were insufficient for most of the doctors. Our goal at Medrevisions is to help you COMPLETELY prepare for the PLAB 1 exam.:exclamation::exclamation::exclamation::exclamation:

A minimum score of 120 / 66.6% was required to pass

Overall Average score for this test:- 118 / 180

Assessment average score:- 60%

Management average score:- 72%

Knowledge & experience average score:- 65%

:exclamation::exclamation::white_check_mark::white_check_mark:Important Preparation Tips for PLAB 1​:white_check_mark::white_check_mark::exclamation::exclamation:

:arrow_forward:Ensure you cover the whole PLAB blueprint extensively

1️⃣We provide Updated Study Notes that align with the NICE guidelines and covers the PLAB blueprint. Our notes include: Highlighted Exam Tips - Specific for PLAB exam, PLAB Clinchers, Mnemonics, ECG’s, X-rays and relevant YouTube videos are provided for a comprehensive understanding

2️⃣Visit to try 20 sample questions for free, which includes study notes as well

:arrow_forward:Improve your memory retention / Time management

1️⃣Our smart revision tool will detect areas that need more revision and spaces out questions in calculated intervals for optimal memory retention which will aid you in answering questions in less than 50 seconds.

2️⃣We provide 4000+ Exam Style Questions which includes: Past PLAB questions ( RECALLS ) and new predicted exam-style questions, Longer Exam Style Questions (as seen in March 2019 exam ), In-depth Style Questions ( as seen in September 2019 exam). With our Customisable Mocks, you can test yourself as time permits.