Sglt (sodium-glucose linked transporter) – medicine mcq

Wrong statement about SGLT (sodium-glucose linked transporter):
A. SGLT1 is present in the intestine and kidneys
B. SGLT1 has low capacity and high affinity
C. SGLT2 inhibitors worsen heart failure
D. SGLT2 inhibitors produce weight loss

Correct answer: C. SGLT2 inhibitors worsen heart failure


  • SGLT2 inhibitors reduce hospitalisation for heart failure as demonstrated by multiple cardiovascular outcome trials of various SGLT2 inhibitors.
  • They produce glycosuria and weight loss.
  • SGLT2 is a high capacity low affinity transporter in contrast to SGLT1.
  • In kidneys, SGLT2 is present in the proximal part of the tubules while SGLT1 is present more distally.
  • The low amount of glucose remaining after transport by the SGLT2 is conserved by SGLT1 located distally as it has high affinity for glucose compared to SGLT2, produce virtual absence of glucose in urine.

Reference: Mudaliar S, Polidori D, Zambrowicz B, Henry RR. Sodium–glucose cotransporter inhibitors: effects on renal and intestinal glucose transport: from bench to bedside. Diabetes care. 2015 Dec 1;38(12):2344-53.