Sharing my step 1 experience

sharing my step 1 experience.

target was 255+

real score 252.

time-16m with 4m of no/less study.

resources: kaplan videos/notes(1.5m),then just read fa once(1m),then kind of break for about(2m),then uworld for 3m and then 1st pass annotated fa revision for 1.5m n then 2nd pass for 1.5m,after this my triad was about to end and i had to book my date ,i was getting about 245+ on nbmes,i felt really drained out and couldnt really pace up my revision,i tried to push myself but then i cancelled my exam 3d before exam date. I dont regret that decision,for i knew i was drained off and needed a break. so cancelled my exam,took break for a month,meanwhile listen to goljan and started again. i felt i forgot everything but i was doing good on nbmes and then did 3rd pass fa 1.5m and gave the exam

started taking nbmes when i was done with 50%uworld,one nbme every 2wk

started from nbme11 onwards

in nbmes i had mistakes ranging from 15 to 36,ususally 20 to 22 mistakes.

uworld -did only once. 2nd pass of only subjects which i was confused like renal and respi physio,psych,biostats.

also did anat shelf notes

couldnt do 100cases ethics - as i thought i would do i later n ended with no time to do.

i m a slow learner and easily forget things therefore took so long.


START EARLY. If u r in ur 3rd or 4th,plan early and start off.

DONT EXTEND IT FOR TOO LONG… I never thought i would be so pissed off at the end. While in the revision phase i realised i couldnt even make an effort to recall, and my mind was like how much more effort and time i needed to put in…that was a very awkward feeling where i was neither willing stop it all nor making a full effort to move forward. DONT get into this kind of stage. TRY TO FINISH IT BEFORE U GET TOO TIRED OF THE PROCESS.


DOING UWORLD 1ST PASS REAL GOOD. I did random and timed mode,but i took my own time to read and understand the question before i answered,so i could answer only 25 to 30 questions in 60m,then again i used to resume the block and did the remaining questions. Understanding the question myself,no matter how hard it was,rather than depending on the explanation ,helped me to know what i think about a given question vs what i should be thinking (as we learn from explanation),this strategy gave me good edge.

PATIENCE. We all see our colleagues moving ahead of us, getting residencies in home country,we tend to get disheartened and distracted by all this. But we chose our path,the one we want to walk, so stay strong and determined.


Once u have started, dont read too many experiences as they are posted. if u r facing a specific problem ,try to find answers only for that. But read enough experiences before u start.

We don’t achieve what we want,we will achieve only that for which we have worked .


we may call them distractions,personal issues,etc but what i learnt is when we look back at life,all those distractions,issues were just so unnecessary to even respond to.

SO stay wise,stay strong.

Nothing other than ur study,ur’s and family’s health is important for one preparing for steps.

happy to help!!

thank you all for all the help i got from the group!!