Should I Opt for DNB Radio diagnosis?

Should I Opt for DNB Radio diagnosis?

Well this is most often and frequently asked question and answer to this is YES.
if you are interested in the radiodiagnosis and not getting MD radiodiagnosis , DNB is a fair option with latest technology of digital radiography ,CT ,MRI, USG machines installed in private hospitals. Although slight catch being somewhat lesser passing rate in DNB, although this has improved in last few years.

DNB today for all practical purposes is equivalent to MD even for academic centres. Pay-package wise there is hardly any difference in the private sector.

Usually, people prefer: Delhi, Mumbai and Hyderabad for DNB and also, Bangalore & Pune, in first go.

Usual places preferred in Delhi are Gangaram, Stephens, Rajiv Gandhi , Apollo,Batra Hospital. INMAS is a fair option as well. In Mumbai people prefer, Jaslok, Hinduja, Lilavati and Breach Candy hospitals. NIMS Hyderabad, Nrayana Hrudalya , Bangalore are also other popular choices.

Radiology is a well recognized challenging branch and exciting career option . Toppers usually prefer radiology due to its wide integration to every branch of medical science in deciding management of patients.Happiness quotient for radiologists is usually higher than other counterparts,probably due to fixed time lifestyle and fair pay packages.