Small smallpox small what is a highly distinguishable illness

Small pox

Small smallpox small what is a highly distinguishable illness. It has been eliminated all over the world but small samples of smallpox’s virus are kept for research purposes. This means that it can be accidentally returned.


The little smallpox is caused by the wy̰ry̰wlạwạỷrs. The Jwmndrjہ moves in the following ways:

  • as a result of direct relationship from the affected person
  • using contaminated items
  • potential power is necessary as a result of


Symptoms of infection appear in the affected person after 10-14 days. It contains the following symptoms like flu:

  • Steam
  • head
  • restlessness / Aramaic
  • Extreme exhaustion
  • severe back pain
  • vomit
  • Face, hand, red grains on the bạzwạwrjsm, in which the water is filled with water, and they burst apart from the hand. in them, the material is in the same way.

Diagnosis and treatment

A sample of the person who is affected by the diagnosis of small smallpox is sample of the pimples. The diagnosis can be confirmed.
This is not a cure for rescue from small smallpox right now.