So I been having some terrible issues with my left eye

So I been having some terrible issues with my left eye. My vision has been going completely blurry, where I could not see out of it at all…even with my glasses.

If you have seen me squinting like I am having a seizure, this is why.

At my eye exam today, my doctor asked if I sleep with my eyes open. LOL I am not sure how I would know, but…

She asked because the area in my line of site, especially in the eye I am having trouble with, is extremely dry. The eye drops I was using were actually working against me as they had preservatives in them.

I was using the individual vials that don’t have them but I hated the plastic waste and did not see any improvement. Anyway, this has been a bit of a nightmare for the past six months, as one can imagine.

My point here is this, yay health care! It floors me that people believe health care should not be a right. These issues, even something as simple as excessive dry eye, can be deeply frustrating and stressful when it feels like you may lose your vision.