So, I didn't get unlocked today, BUT we adjusted my routine at-home

So, I didn’t get unlocked today, BUT we adjusted my routine at-home, and I was able to work up to riding the stationary bike, some wright on the leg press, AND my flexion continues to improve! I got to 101° bend WITHOUT using the strap, and 112° with the strap. Progress is still happening. Now to work on building that quad strength with this new routine!

I am anxious today. I am 4 weeks post-op, and have a PT appointment in the office here shortly. I feel like the last 10 days or so I haven’t made much progress other than the ability to stand longer each day (but swelling accompanies this, which I know is normal). While I don’t have consistent pain, when I do my exercises at home, I am noticing sharp pain behind my kneecap. Nothing “horrible”, but definitely uncomfortable and fairly new. No popping or exploding sensations, so I’m not worried about the hamstring tendon autograft not taking, but just concerned at what might be my lack of progress lately. The therapist will not unlock my brace out of full extension until I have good quad control, which I don’t believe I am there yet. I am trying to go back to work after my next follow-up, and feeling a little discouraged. I build cabinets and am constantly moving, bending, and lifting, so I need this quad control and the ability to bend my knee, even with the brace for support.

I will update after the appointment.

Photos show some swelling, my extension and flexion (pre-PT so haven’t warmed up my muscles/tendons), and the most frustrating, my obvious loss of muscle tone. Positives, my incisions look great!