Stop ACEI or ARB

Stop ACEI or ARB >>> she got pregnant .He got severe hyperkalemia or his eGFR reduced more than 25%.

Stop Alpha blocker >>> he got significant postural symptoms and presyncope .

Sumatriptan >>> he experiences chest pain or TIA.

Olnazepine >>> he got TIA or stroke .

B blocker >>> he has Raynaud’s.

Ropinorole ( gradual )>>> he has now impulse control disorder

Pioglitazone>>> he has decompensated heart failure

Hydralazine or sulfasalazine>> he has photosensitive rash ( lupus) .

Lithium >>> severe polyurea ( DI).

Metformine >>> his eGFR below 30.

Valporate >>> she got pregnant ( give Lamotrigine) or he got hepatic injury .

Mixtard >> he got significant hypoglycemic episodes and BL sugar peaks ( give basal bolus regimen ) .

Amiodarone >>> he has evidence of pulmonary fibrosis or destructive thyrotoxicosis .

Statins >> he has been prescribed macrolides.