T 3 and t4 is normal.......tsh is high....what could be the reason?

T 3 and t4 is normal…tsh is high…what could be the reason?

what could be the reason

Subclinical Hypothyroidism
The pituitary is working hard (=producing a lot of TSH) to (just about) maintain normal levels of fT3 and fT4

subclinical hypothyroid, check age if the patient is less than 40 check for thyroid peroxidase antibodies to rule out autoimmune thyroidistis

then it has be hypothroidism either due to iodine deficiency or increased demand as in pregnancy or non organic hypothyroidism

She may have gained weight recently…sometimes dt shows TSH disturbed…u ask dis history…in last 1yr or so if she has gained significant weght

No weight gain…but much hair fall…last year in july her tsh was 12…she took medicine for 3 months and then stopped…

Subclinical hythdsm… LOOK FOR ANTI TPO ANTIBODIES(N <60) to start medication…

Thn no need to start medication… Only Diet control cabbage cauliflower soybean n Excercise to increase ur metabolism …stress free lyfstyl thts it

Subclinical hypothyrodism
pituitary has to give more stimulation i.e. is high TSH, to maintain basal thyroid level

It’s primary hypothyroidism… Which is converted into euthyroud but Tsh is still high…