The Attack, reasons, rescue and tdạrḵ

Attack, reasons, rescue and tdạrḵ

In Pakistan, more than lakh people are victim of stroke attack every year.

Stroke Attack is suddenly. Blood pressure and sugar increases the risk of stroke.
According to an estimate, more than 70 million people are victims of stroke attack every year in Pakistan. More than 70 % of these people are victims of a permanent disability, due to stroke, 10 20 % of people go to death in the face of death due to stroke attack.
If your age is more than 50 and 60 years and your blood pressure is also more and sugar levels are also more. If blood pressure and sugar is not controlled by enlargement and dietary caution, you will any Time can be a victim of stroke attack due to blood pressure and sugar levels.

A stroke attack in the amateur of mrgẖn sustenance can be at any time. The people who are mostly sitting and do not exercise any kind of exercise are more concerns about the attack of stroke. After the stroke attack, someone The hospital or the authentic doctor should go to the hospital. The stroke patient can immediately be saved by providing the initial medical aid to his life. In Case of a stroke attack, the patient should be put straight. Fresh The supply of air should be made permanent.

There are different types of stroke:

If the speech area is affected in the stroke attack, the man loses the ability to speak. The man in gb syndrome gets considerate by walking. But complete recovery is possible with treatment. Different types of stroke are being given below. Is.

Sudden attack of stroke:

" Grandma was cut off the vegetables, and suddenly there was a lot of pain in her head, and she fell in trouble. Even though they were not able to stand up, they were unable to wave their left hands and feet, and they were unable to speak. It was coming. The stroke attack has affected the right side of the brain, which is affected by the left side.


  1. Stroke Attack is mostly over 40 years of age. In Men, its attack may be under 40 years of age but women are mostly affected after 40 years. .
    The possibility of stroke in 2. High blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease etc.
  2. Blood diseases, infection, mwٹạpے and cancer etc are also likely to be stroke.


After a stroke attack, the body can be affected by one side of the body or the side of both sides. In addition to this, the man is unable to speak and can be permanent. Blood pressure increases a lot. And something is difficult to eat or swallowing.

Cure and rescue:

To Avoid 1. Stroke Attack, it is necessary to have a complete treatment in case of any disease.
2. High Blڈpry̰sẖr, diabetes and stroke’s bra is with the bottom. If these two diseases are not treated, then the danger of the stroke increases a lot. So it is necessary to have a complete treatment of these diseases.
3. Mwٹạpے should be controlled because being fat increases the risk of disease.
The daily exercise is very important to avoid 4. Stroke because the exercise of blood is right from exercise and does not risk any kind of obstacle.
In Case of 5. Stroke Attack, the patient needs to take care of the patient’s hours, take care of the following things:

☆ patient room should be absolutely clear. Daily bed and should be changed.
☆ after the attack, after every bit of hours, the pulse of the patient, the speed of breath, the record of the blڈpry̰sẖr should be
☆ arrange to deliver food through the groove of food.
☆ the break should be changed so that the bed will not be sores.

Temporary Stroke of stroke:

The 13-Year-old sadiq night slept well. He started his work in the morning. At 12 pm, suddenly he got the pain in the bottom of the back. It was hard to stand up and in a few moments he fell down. Went and hand feet were absolutely static.
Immediately the hospital was taken where it was checked out of the spine of the spine spinal fluid in which there was a protein abuse. It found out that the victim of guillian barre syndrome is the victim of the virus infection in the nervous system. Etc may be due to.
In this disease, the amount of protein is increased in the CSF. Most of the muscles are affected by the sinews of the muscles. Which does not have the patient to be hélène.


After the early attack of the disease, the patient can not shake the foot. It is thought that it will be difficult to move. The patient is confined to bed. If the right treatment is not done, then no move is possible. It is also difficult to breathe. It happens.

Cure and rescue:

Right and timely treatment can easily overcome this disease because 90 % of the diseases affected by disease are healthy. Take care of the following things for the right treatment of the disease:

  1. Deliver the patient to the hospital immediately.
  2. If the doctor is not to be afraid of his waist, he should be afraid of it. Because the inspections of the csf are known to be a disease or not.
  3. in this disease, steroid medications really prove to be magic effect but they should always be used by doctor’s advice.
  4. The patient should be fully taken in bed, he should be kept repeatedly.
  5. Patient when it starts to be healthy, it should be a mild exercise so that it can start working again as soon as possible.

When the speaking capabilities are taken away:

" I slept in the night and went up in the morning and prayed. I was ready to go to the office. I felt like a strange pain and pain in the head. Something like this was stopped. After a while, I tried to speak. The words did not come out of the mouth. The wife was afraid to see. The heart was to drink, but there was no one to express it. The wife took a kitchen and explained it to the tea leaf and milk.
These symptoms may be in a stroke attack that affects the speech area in the mind. The capabilities of our speaking, writing and remembering are controlled through the speech area. Most people write and work with the right hand. The speech area is in the left part of the mind, and those who are going to work more than the left hand, their speech area is in the right part of the mind.

The brain has the following two types of speech areas:
-1 Broca’s Area
This part is controlled by the start of speaking or speaking of a man. If it is affected, the words do not get out of the mouth.
-2 Wernickes Area
The capabilities of understanding and speaking from this part are controlled. The stroke attack does not understand anything as it is affected.

Being impressed by the ability to speak:

  1. Some children have birth of birth.
  2. mentally handicapped people have lalling speech means they speak like small children.
  3. Sometimes it seems strange to speak in the previous part of the mind. Two three words come out of the mouth to pay one word.
  4. Some times in the case of brain infection, words do not get right from mouth, for example British Constitution comes out of mouth.
  5. Some children are very difficult to speak in the case of having a hereditary disease. Children start to speak for a long time and most of the people are attock and hard with words.

Stroke Treatment and caution:

  1. If someone gets a stroke attack like this, immediately the patient should be sent to the hospital.
  2. This kind of patient should take care of all the way and give it soft diet to eat because it becomes difficult to swallow. If there is any other symbol of a disease, it should be treated properly.
  3. This kind of patient can be made to spend normal life again through speech therapy after treatment. This method is trained to speak and understand in different ways.
  4. Those children who have a speech, need full attention and attention, because if they are not given the right attention, then it is likely that they do not learn to speak at all. Except if your child is left. There is no fault in it, there is no fault in it, do not do any harm to it. He will do so many good things.

Use of enlargement in stroke, caution and treatment:

Stroke is a very dangerous disease and its treatment is also quite difficult. If the stroke attack, the most important command is that patient care is under the supervision of good doctor, hardworking nurse and reliable hospital staff. This situation I need 24 hours monitor because moment by moment patient’s condition changes and bgڑty̰. The most important thing is that the patient’s blood pressure should be monitored and the level of his fainting should be checked.
It is also very important to control if it is sugar with blڈpry̰sẖr. The patient’s pulse, blood pressure, blood sugar, etc. is expected to have a great extent of improvement. Especially for the treatment of stroke. The medications used are not really a special impact. Their quick and long use is no effect on the patient’s health. But these are expensive too. Instead of these enlargement, it is better to treat the patient’s other symptoms. Go so that the other kamashastra due to stroke can be controlled.
The most important thing in the treatment of stroke is to control the patient’s blڈpry̰sẖr and if it is sugar, it is also necessary to treat it. Follow the following easy instructions for the treatment of stroke:

Take care of the patient’s physical cleaning. Especially the waist safety is very important because the killing of the dead is very dangerous. Keep the patient turning and make powder by cleaning the waist daily.
Give full comfort to the patient that he will be able to live a normal life soon by the order of God. He will be able to compete with the disease mentally.
If the patient’s nature is restored, incline to a mild exercise. Try to run it. A patient in ny̰wrwlwjy̰ ward my̰wہsptạl who was a victim of stroke attack for a while. His wife will run him daily and at the time of prayer, our He stood up with the blessing of prayer, and he began to walk in a few days.
The patient’s blڈpry̰sẖr and sugar control is very important. Follow the instructions on the instructions of blڈpry̰sẖr and sugar.
Keep the bed of the unconscious patient clean and change the daily bed sheet. Check the food groove daily and also keep looking at the groove of the urine so that it can be treated in the form of infection.
Before going to bed, you will be safe by reciting the kursi (first and end blessings), and will be safe from the attack of stroke at night.
Pcs of garlic in the case of stroke attack, give a patient to the patient in the hot desi ghee.
Add fifty grams of lentil pulse to grams of ginger and give a stroke.
Apple, grape and pear juice is a dalit diet in stroke