The eczema first appeared in June 2019 on the abdomen

The eczema first appeared in June 2019 on the abdomen. The patient thought it is some kind of irritation because of the hotel towels (she exchanged many hotels at that time). When she saw that nothing happens, she went to the dermatologist, in August, who prescribed Fucidin (fusidic acid) and Travogen (isoconazole nitrate).
It did not work, and she went back to the dermatologist in November when she received Advantan (Methylprednisolone acetate) and Lamisil (terbinafine hydrochloride).

In January, the patient went back because the eczema not only did NOT disappear, but it extended on the lower abdomen, the underwear line and under one of the breasts. The only place where it is itching is under the breast.

The patient was recommended to see an Allergy and Immunology Specialist who prescribed various investigations: IgG, total IgE, IgA, Transglutaminase antibody, Respiratory Allergy Panel, Food Allergen Panel, Skin Prick Test, Patch test, direct microscopic mycological exam. All of them appear to be in normal parameters, BESIDES the IgA which is 4 (reference values 70-40).

The Allergy and Immunology Specialist only recommended to keep the area hydrated and to have a routine without perfume and irritants, but the Dermatologist asked for another chance with Advantan and Borenar (bilastine). After another 10 days under this treatment the eczema is still there, still spreading.