The Hobby of eating fried foods, made a victim of killing disease

The Hobby of eating fried foods, made a victim of killing disease.

A lot of fried gẖdẖạw̉ں can make a victim of diseases by increasing the problems of blood problems.
This thing came in a medical research in the us.
V. A Boston Health System System ہẠspٹl research discovered that the fried foods like french fries or others cause the risk of the disease of the heart to increase the risk of c.
During this research, the diet habits of more than million volunteers were reviewed and realised that deep fry is proven to be destroyed for the health of the heart.
According to research, when oil is heated, it has a chemical discharged that lowers the levels of beneficial cholesterol for health along with increasing blood pressure.
The Grease and calories are very much in the fried gẖdẖạw̉ں which resulted in the artery block and the risk of hart increases.
C diseases are the most common disease in the heart and during this the most important artery of the heart is damaged.

Researchers also discovered that the use of deep fried gẖdẖạw̉ں is the risk of mwٹạpے, diabetes type to, hart fy̰ly̰ỷr and high blood pressure.
The results of this research were published in the medical journal journal ḵly̰ny̰ḵl ny̰wٹry̰sẖn.
Last year in a research, the global institute of health had told that the trans of cooking oil and ghee, the trans ft, which was acquired from plants and animals, is harmful to the human health, with the diseases of the heart. Diseases are born.
According to the report of W. H, the modern ways and the fat added inside the factories are being made in the mouth of the death in various diseases.
There are 5 million deaths in the world from fat and grease found in cooking oil and ghee used in food.