The need virus is designed to reach your lungs only

1-what’s your?* :microbe:
The need virus is designed to reach your lungs only.

  • 2-is corona new?* :microbe:
    No, it appeared before
    In the name of sars in 2002
    And in the name of mers year 2015
    The current is called n-Cov from 2019

  • 3-the virus is killer?* :microbe:
    Yes, with syndrome symptoms " kidney failure " and " pneumonia "

  • 4-what is the death rate?* :microbe:
    2 TO 5 %

  • 5-what’s his source?* :microbe:
    Animals (unspecified)

  • 6-is there a cure?* :microbe:
    No, no vaccine, no cure.
    We treat associated symptoms such as dehydration, lack of kidney failure.

  • 7-how to move?* :microbe:
    Self, with toys and mucus

  • 8-what is the safe distance?* :microbe:
    3-5 meters of anyone with the beams

  • 9-does the injured show the beams directly?* :microbe:
    No, infectious nursery period two to two weeks

  • 10-does the mask protect me?* :microbe:
    No, never protect you just prevents you from touching your face

  • 11-how to protect myself?* :microbe:

  • don’t give up by hand,
  • don’t kiss anyone,
  • never touch your face
  • and always wash your hands with soap after touching anything in public places
  • watch your heat every 12 hours and should be less than 38 degrees
  • 12-how to act with myself?* :microbe:
    If you get cold symptoms and heat up, isolate yourself
    And connect with the ministry of health on the hotline for isolation and control,

  • 13-how to act with others?* :microbe:

  • don’t approach anyone possible injury
  • don’t approach anyone who came from the infection
  • don’t give up on any passenger until proven not injured
  • in case the beams appear on one of your surroundings you have to remove it and report
  • 14-important feedback :* :microbe:
  • your death is deadly but you may survive in case you win
    Food Health and sports are important factors
  • you should drink too much hot drink like anise and tea.
    Drinking every day Vitamin C Sparkling…
  • stay away from cold drinks
    The most likely to die are smokers, elderly and children.