The plab1 exam scheduled for march 2020

The plab1 exam scheduled for march 2020 has been canceled UAE. How is it possible that it has been cancelled and no alternate dates or email were provided. This is very frustrating. We will appreciate if you could provide alternate dates before june. We have already traveled to UAE Dubai for the purpose of exam. And not just me. Alot of other candidates have also traveled to uae for exam purpose. The music shows / concerts / movie shows are as per schedule and they haven’t been cancelled. How come the exam is been postponed. Please continue with the schedule or provide us with nearest alternate solution.

Best Regards

Dear GMC, We are the candidates for plab part one March 2020 in Dubai we would like to file a serios objection upon the incidence of plab part one cancellation with no previous notice just 2 days before the exam date, and this resulted in no further rescheduling for us or any compensation for the financial loses and the stress caused to us either by the GMC or the UAE. Upon which we consider this incidence will affect our trust in the GMC and the UAE for taking such responsibility for hosting any future medical exam. In addition to the fact that some of us are losing time of the two year expiry date for OET exam. Best regards