The reasons, diagnosis and treatment of 'Mirgy̰'

The reasons, diagnosis and treatment of ‘Mirgy̰’

Mirgy̰ is a mental disease that is one of the most common neurological diseases. According to the world health health, around 5 million people around the world are in disease disease.

When someone gets this disease, then he can get a trip to the mirgy̰. A person can visit a mirgy̰ in life, but it is not necessary that he is always dead. In General, the diagnosis of mirgy̰ is at the same time. When there are more than one visits and the doctor thinks that more trips can be done. Mirgy̰ can be in any age.

There are many types of this, some types lasts for a short time and some types of life can remain for a lifetime. to provide awareness to people on the occasion of mirgy̰ every year, on Monday’s day of February, “world day of mirgy̰” ’ while on 26th March ’ ’ Purple day ’ is celebrated. People like this color dress to arrange a purple day, as well as using hashtag like #epilepsyawarenessday and #purpleday for the awareness of this disease. Do. Experts Say don’t be afraid of talking about this disease. - people who are around you or people who know it are more than you think.


The disease of disease is caused by an electric chaos in the mind. Every human’s mind has an electric current, through which one part of the mind is connected to another part and does its actions. Some of the humans Due to some special reason in mind, the system of mental current production is pep by break and its result appears in the form of seizures. A visit is when the brain has a severe shock of electrical activity. This can cause temporary disruption in the common method of brain, which causes the brain messages to blend together. There are many types of visits to the mirgy̰.

In a few types, the patient is vigilant and aware of what is happening around them, while in other types they lose consciousness. They can face unusual feelings, thoughts or things or may be. Let their body be stiff, they fall down and shock them.

Doctors can be explained a clear reason for being patient, however, half of the people in this disease do not know the cause of doctor mirgy̰. In the possible reasons of disease • Stroke, • Mental infection like srsạm, • Extreme mental injury and • During birth problems, the newborn is involved in taking low oxygen. Some people may have the cause of disease. Scientists are trying to learn more about how to move to the mirgy̰. The doctors are affected by the disease. The person (or his guardians) advise them to study as much as possible on the topic.


If the doctor thinks that a person is dead, he advice to meet a doctor who has experienced in his diagnosis and treatment. Usually that doctor is a ny̰wrwlwjsٹ. The patient is about his visits. Explains, the same basis is diagnosed by the doctor. Usually they say a few tests, in which blood test, an e-G (the brain waves) and a scan of the brain. Joins.

These tests help the doctor to decide whether the person is dead or not, and if it is, what is his type and reason. But there is no single test that does not exist. Can be determined whether anyone is patient or not. This is how doctors, affected people and their guardians give advice to those who are not afraid of asking questions, no matter how minor or silly is a question, even then Ask.

Cure for disease

7 out of 10 patients in seizures are fully treated with proper treatment. The main treatment of patients is the medicine for patients. Usually these medicines are called anti-ẠY̰PY̰LPٹḴ DRUGS OR IDS. Potion does not fix the disease, but helps to prevent or reduce visits. The expert doctor should tell the patient about the medicine of the patient how they work and their potential side effects. Are.

Every person is different and some people feel that no special kind of medicine is feeling good to them. If this happens to any patient, the doctor will see if any other medicine can be better for this patient. There are other ways to treat patients but they are not suitable for everyone. They include different types of surgery for disease and special food used for some children.