This situation when I started my PLAB journey

I’m writing this post to clear the uncertainty most of us have regarding GMC registration, because I was myself in this situation when I started my PLAB journey.

I see a lot of questions here about gaps in clinical practice and possibilities of a rejection by GMC to grant registration.

I also had a fear in my mind if I would have to face a tough situation, because I have a clinical gap of more than 4 years.

Let me tell you all that it is absolutely possible to get your registration in spite of this gap in practice.

I cleared my PLAB 1 in November 2018, and PLAB 2 in March 2019. My result was announced by end of April.

I applied for my GMC registration on May 7th, sent the documents by May 14th, and I got my full registration and license to practice today, on June 7th. Alhamdulillah!

Here are a few suggestions/answers:

  1. It is possible to get a registration with a 5 year gap in practice.

  2. You need to be honest in your application. When you fill the form, make sure you honestly explain what you were doing the last 5 years, it could be anything, travel, vacation, studies, maternity leave, family, exams. But make sure you don’t make up stories.

  3. Be patient and respond to their emails, send them the documents they ask for. A few documents need to be sent by email, and a few originals by post.

  4. If you don’t hear from them for more than a week, you can call them directly. They are very helpful and will give you an update on your application.

  5. They will need your internship form verified by your hospital. They will contact your hospital directly, and send you a copy of the email. Make sure your hospital responds on time.

I’ve found many answers here on this group, and I believe it’s my duty to help my fellow doctors in the same boat. Good luck everyone!