Those who havent got a mark

Those who havent got a mark/. rank they expected or those who might not get desired seat despite good ranks.
Most of you would have compared it with your friends and felt more disheartened. Felt like “ useless”. Especially if your parent/parents are doctors you must have felt even more worthless by comparing their professional excellency with your current state.
You must have been tired of hearing this philosophy “ life is not a race. Its a marathon”. I just wanna modify it and say “ life is defintley not a race. And cannot be called a marathon too. Because finishing point is not same for everyone”. Some people will die at 35, some at 55, some at 75. And some even 95+.
There is no rule that you should finish your pg by 30 and start practise. You can finish by 35 and practise till 80 too ( from my grandfather others doctors, many i know practised till 85 or more).
Am never gonna say fluke dialogues like “ this failures will be stepping stone to success. “. Failures are failures , and its hard to digest.
But rather than your bad score or rank am pretty sure most of you are hurt that “ my friends will join this year. Am left behind”.
This competitivness or comparison is given to us right from our childhood. And that is the main reason for most of our sadness or sorrows. If you take one moment and just look at your own life am certain that most of you have “ okayish” life.
This left behind is only possible when it comes to a race. “ my friends got married. Am left behind
They got pg. am left behind
They got kids. Am left behind”
These things will happen to you too. Your friend might have two kids now. And who knows you might endup having twins. Your friend might be in 2nd or 3rd yr MD/MS, but he/she might not get time or space for DM / Mch. You might endup cracking NEET SS in one go and endup as super specialist ( now that doesnt mean you will be superior to your friend at that point). Your career climb growth might be faster. So please remove these racing thoughts from all of your brain.
And succes doesnt mean PG seat or High profile job alone. It has 3 domains
Family , Career & personal ( health ) etc
At this point , 25-30 yrs , am sure most of you have atleast 1/3 in these. Toh majority will have 2/3
Some might have 3/3. But there are billions with 0/3 in these three.
Try to focus on all domains. While you can