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thread About NEXT :Note : All information here are as per Meeting which was organised by BoG of MCI with Student Leaders in Presence of Chairman, Secretary General and other Members of BoG MCI to share “proposed format of Exam” and take their views on it.1/nSchedule :1) Final MBBS Exams by in January by Uni.2) Supplementary Exams in February by Uni.3) NExT - 1 in March by NMC (540 MCQs)4) Internship from April5) NExT - 2 in Next April by Uni./Clg6) PG Courses from June/JulyUniform Schedule across India!2/nSubject Wise Distribution for NExT - 1(In March) :Total 540 MCQs60% - Problem Solving30% - Comprehension and Analysis10% - RecallTotal 6 Paper and 3 Days Exam :Day - 1:120 Questions from Medicine and Allied Subjects(3 Hrs)60 Questions from Pediatrics(1.5 Hrs)3/nDay - 2:120 Questions from Surgery and Allied Subjects(3 Hrs)60 Questions from ENT(1.5 Hrs)Day - 3:120 Questions from OBGY and Allied Subjects(3 Hrs)60 Questions from Opthalmology(1.5 Hrs)Each Paper has 10% Questions from PSM.(Total 54 Questions from PSM)4/nEach Paper has 10% Questions from Applied Basic Science.(Total 54 Questions from Subjects of 1st and 2nd Year)NExT - 2 is Practical Examination held by Uni./College after Internship.:point_right:Score of NExT - 1 will be used as both, For Licence and For PG Admission.5/n​:point_right:Only after passing in NExT - 1, Students can start their Internship. If they will fail,then they have to give NExT - 1 again after 1 Year to start their Internship.:point_right:Unlimited Attempts to improve your score of NExT - 1 to take admission in PG Courses.6/nStill No Information regarding Passing Criteria of NExT - 1.If this will be 50 Percentile like NEET PG,then 50% Students have to wait for 1 year.If this will be 50% ,then also you can take example of NEET PG(600/1200 Marks)Students are opposing NExT bcz of Points like this.:point_right:For Licence and PG Admission, You have to pass both NExT - 1 and NExT - 2. But only marks of NExT - 1 will be considered for PG Admission.As per NMC Bill, NExT will be Implemented by 2022. As per this,2017 Batch is the 1st Batch who will give NExT.8/nFor 2016 Batch :2 Options,1) NEET - PG in January,2022.2) Separate NExT in March,2022 only for PG Admission, not for Licence.Meeting was held in last week as per News. May be Within 2-3 Months, BoG MCI is also replaced by NMC(Still we can’t rely as no official announcement)Important Note :This is proposed format which was given in Meeting by MCI officials to Students. So,this thread is only for Students, who are unaware about NExT. Official Announcement will be released at any time.

So, What will be procedure for FMGs.?? If anyone have idea?

Mane kl meeting attend ki thi agar kisi ko koi bhi doubt ho next se related u can dm me