Tips to help provide the skin with more hydration and reduce flakiness

Tips to help provide the skin with more hydration and reduce flakiness and some tips about how to make makeup and sunscreen go on smoothly would be appreciated.

Ive had eczema for 12 years now. You’d think i’d have a handle on it by now, but that isnt the case. Sometimes it feels like a new thing that i have to figure out from scratch. It presents differently at different stages of life. Having said that, the problem im facing is that, i feel like my body is capable of healing if i moisturize it correctly but sometimes even after i apply my vanicream, i still feel like i need more hydration. I drink plenty of water but I will admit that I do not cleanse my skin as often because sometime i feel like it is kind of drying. The cerave baby wash is very nice tbh. But idk why my skin goes through this cycle, especially my facial skin that, it swells, and then peels off like crazy. I understand that process behind it a little. When i apply makeup or sunscreen, i can see the flakes get magnified and im like wow the skin felt fine but i guess it is still dry and flaky. But still i would like to hear peoples’ strategies to stop the peeling. What can I do to provide my face and body with more moisture and hydration. Ive tried so many remedies and products already but maybe there is something im doing wrong. Thank you in advance.

I use a flannel to “wash” (without water - just gentle circular motions with lots of emollient) my face or skin with a heavy emollient, which gets rid of the flaky layer whilst moisturising underneath. This works so well that after a couple of days I can wash and moisturise my face normally. The flakes have to go so the moisturiser can reach the skin beneath and prevent it from dying and flaking. I also do it right before applying makeup - it avoid flaky makeup and means my skin is smooth and hydrated for several hours. Obviously I use a fresh flannel each time, so I have a huge collection of flannels!! And they should be washed at a high temp, just like bedclothes or towels. But it’s been a game changer for me

ooo interesting, thank you, great advice… do you have a link or a recommendation on where i should buy flannel from?
This was a game changer for me, too. I use baby washcloths. Carter’s is a great place to buy them because the quality is a bit higher.
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When you’re done showering, before you dry off, put lotion (I use Cetaphil ProDerm eczema formula) on your wet face. Then lightly pat dry, and lotion it up again. It really helps.