To all my seniors please do something for us We all belong to MBBS

To all my seniors please do something for us

We all belong to MBBS

We remember how hard we tried to take a seat

This government is legalising Ayurvedic practitioner to perform surgery & bridge course for few other degrees is already legalised in few states & they are introducing next for us

You know whats going to happen next these practitioners are going to create problem for us . Many of our indian public they don’t even understand what is BAMS what is BHMS…All they know is a word DOCTOR . soon these cheap labourers will do anything to ruin modern medicine . For instance they will be prescribing steroids even where it is not required ( they are doing this now too ) & these patients will later land on allopathic practitioners . What we are supposed to do. It seems like we will be no more dealing in OPDs coz everyone will start preferring cheap labourers & hospital administration will also prefer them as they will be ready to work even at low cost . There are many negative aspects to our fraternity & too to patients health care . Its quite frustrating , everyother day we r hearing about some changes , they are playing with our minds & career .

Its the right time to take a stand

We Juniors don’t bear a lot of power

We need your support our respective seniors ;

please take a stand for you , for us

Please ask for a separate organisation that can look over all these , They are imposing everything

We are ready for whatever step u ask us to

Please take a stand

We are losing everything slowly

Show some unity 🙏

  • A 3rd year mbbs student