Took surgery. It's been one month but now I am regretting every single day

Took surgery. It’s been one month but now I am regretting every single day. I don’t want to handle emergencies. I don’t want to be in rush anymore. I want to be at peace. Is it possible in future with surgery as a career?

Buddy after six years all subjects become cool depending upon how much you want to earn so just six years (three years of PG plus three years of sr or super speciality)

Bro, There is no peace in lyf… Peace comes when u r dead

Leave this medical line ,become medicine trader . Garanteed income more than medical line.Just calculate, one luck doctors are graduating yrly. Subtract those doctors who dies every yr. Where you will practice ?Best of luck.

didn’t you know that surgery is a hectic branch ? Better change your branch or else you will be crying entire life .

All surgical branches tend to be hectic… Even my consultant in neuro surgery stay from 12 pm in morning to 12 am at night… Rounds then ot then again post op rounds then outdoor then night rounds with dnb ss guys

Rat race effect… We all get influnced by others instead of listening to our inner voice…

So from now onwards u have only 1 of 2 options

Either continue with surgery



If in govt clg workload may decrease a bit as u go up in seniority. In corporate emergency will be there but not of a crazy level as in govt hospitals. Plus u can decide how hectic u want to make life post Pg. If u want speciality go for Mch nahi toh u can be content as a gen surg too.

Not for the next 7 years. After that you will be a bog consultant and life will be relatively less hectic if you want

You can resign if you want some cool branch because surgery will never be cool branch