Treat everywhere as a shape! N.O.O. It has been passed

30 baht. Treat everywhere as a shape! N.O.O. It has been passed. The plan to upgrade the cancer patient’s service. It’s right to facilitate the nursing facility. It has to be a critical

5 T. July 2563 Communication team. Reportedly, at the National Health Coverage Office, Virakhon, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Health as Chairman of National Health Insurance Committee Chairman of the National Health Insurance Committee as the Board of National Health Securities (Board of Directors) ) The 11/2563th time by meeting approves the proposal to ′′ elevate the national health insurance system according to the policy of the Minister. Public health, the case of National Health Insurance Rights (Gold Card) can go to service anywhere ′′

The monk said that the board meeting was called. Today is another step of the National Health Insurance System by the Board meeting of NCO. I have approve of the proposal. In developing a service system, it reduces steps to solve problems that are obstacles in the service to the people of the right people who have given the policy of the NCO policy. Earlier and today. NCO. Presented to the NCO board. To act urgently in 4 subjects, as follows.

  1. people are sick to serve with family doctor in the first-class service unit. Everywhere in the gold card system, according to the policy ′′ 30 baht to heal everywhere ′′ starting at the premium level service, the pilot in Bangkok area. And the perimeter, which the structure of the service system is ready to move forward. The Ministry of Health and Bangkok will expand the premium service network to support information connectivity, clinic, doctors, family and patients. There is an application and confirmation system. The identity of the public in the service of the national card will start on 1th May. This year 2563

  2. Patient without having to go back to get the same transaction. Gold Patent Patient Patient treated as a patient in the hospital. There is a part of the treatment. In case of the receipt of the gold patent, the patient or relative has to go back. Still a regular service unit to ask for a new invoice. It’s an inconvenience and problem especially patients in other provinces. So to facilitate the care in this case. The NCO. The system has been adapted to allow patients to continue their ongoing treatment immediately following the doctor’s diagnosis. Without the application certificate. Only the ID card to check the patient’s identity which will be piloted in the area of 9 Nakhon Ratchasima. Starts Y. This part in Bangkok. And the perimeter will start 1 m. 2564 before extending to other provinces next.

  3. Cancer cancers to serve anywhere with cancer. It’s a fast treatment that doesn’t have to be metastasized and some cancers can increase the chances of being cured. But with the process of sending gold patent patients can sometimes be a barrier. Can’t get cancer patients to access treatment fast. So. This patient’s system has been modified by patients diagnosed with cancer. Certificate and History or Code to choose to be serviced elsewhere through 3 channels. The NCSS Hotline. 1330, Application of the NCO And contact directly at the service unit, only at the hospital, the cancer treatment, the cancer treatment protocol, the long-distance health system (Telehealth), the long-distance pharmacy consultation service (Tele pharmacy) and home chemotherapy (Home Chemotherapy). ) By service fee, send information to pay to the NCO. Managing design has been designed. Will start in a nationwide hospital on 1 m. July 2564

  4. Transfer the service unit immediately. No need to wait for 15 days. It’s a problem that the public has claimed for a period of time. In the period of changing the system-based service unit. It has to be waited for 15 days, but with the technology Progressive information, especially connecting data to the service unit. It can be adjusted to solve this gap problem. People can be admitted to the new service unit immediately after changing the regular service unit, including the case that the public has changed their own units through the NCA app. The service can prove the right and pay the service fee via the Smart Card National Card. It starts nationwide on 1 mm. July 2564

Nap. Sakchai Kanchanaburi, secretary of the National Health Insurance Office, says that the development of the gold card service system is in this time. Can move forward from getting cooperation of relevant agencies especially from the Ministry of Health and Bangkok. In the Provision of the Premium Service Unit Network in Bangkok. And the perimeter is supported to provide outpatient services to every premium service unit, including cooperation from public and private sector services. Gold card system to modify the service system, both patients and patients without going back to receive the cancer certificate to get service anywhere. Ready and moving service unit. Instant no need to wait for 15 days. From the Board of Directors. I have given approval. I have given the relevant subcommittees and the NCO. Improve the relevant notice to support policy action and propose to the president of the board of directors. Sign the next one