Treatment of delerium tremens? Benzodiazepines

Treatment of delerium tremens?? Benzodiazepines
Drug of choice for ADHD? Methylphenidate
Social phobias are treated with ? SSRI
Drug of choice for obsessive compulsive disorder is ? Clomipramine
All typical antipsychotics block which receptors? D2 receptors
Corneal deposits is side effect of which antipsychotics ? Chlorpromazine
Treatment of neuroleptic malignant syndrome? Dantrolene
Which atypical antipsychotic May cause agranulocytosis ? Clozapine
Teratogenicity caused by lithium ? Ebstein anomaly
Generalized anxiety disorder is treated by? Buspirone
Drug of choice of bedwetting patient is? Imipramine
Main toxicity of tricyclics antidepressants? Convulsion , coma and cardio
How much time antidepressant need to have its effect? 4-8weeks
Antidepressant used for diabetic peripheral neuropathy is? Duloxetine
Drug used for altitude sickness? Acetazolamide
Name osmotic diuretic ? Mannitol
What is the effect of loop diuretic on calcium in the blood? Hypocalcemia
Gout is side effect of which diuretic? Loo diuretic
Idiopathic hypercalciuria is treated with? Thiazide diuretics
While using ACE inhibitor what will be the effect on renin??? Renin level
Drug inhibits steroid synthesis ? Ketoconazole .
Contraindications of estrogens??? ER positive breast cancer and history of
a1-agonist used to treat BPH ? Tamsulosin
Mechanism of action of sildenafil? Inhibit cyclic GMP phosphodiesterse
Name 2 drugs of 2nd generation of H1 blockers?? Fexofenadine, citrizine ,
loratidine, desloratidine