Type of seizure (485/1700)

A 6m baby had LOC after which he had jerky movement of hands and feet. What is the most
probable dx?
a. Infantile spasm
b. Absence
c. Partial simple seizure
d. Atonic seizure
e. Partial complex

answer: E

Partial simple- No loss of consciousness
Partial Complex- Altered consciousness


Infantile spasms. This rare type of seizure occurs during an infant’s first year (typically between 4 and 8 months). Your baby may bend forward or arch her back as her arms and legs stiffen. These spasms tend to occur when a child is waking up or going to sleep, or after a feeding. Infants can have hundreds of these seizures a day.

answer: E
Infantile- flexion or extension type, no LOC
Partial simple-