Using the Question Bank

Getting Started

After purchasing your review, you will be emailed instructions to create your online account. This login will give you access to the video lectures, workbooks, question bank, and other supplemental reading materials.

Using the Question Bank

Creating Question Sets. When reviewing for your exam, questions can be loaded randomly, organized by topic, or searched by keyword. The simplest way to progress through all the questions is to load them randomly until no new questions remain. If time is an issue you may target specific areas of difficulty first and continue with random questions afterwards.

Saving Question Sets. All completed sets are automatically saved minute by minute and can be reviewed later. Any uncompleted sets can be manually saved as well to be completed at a later time.

Loading Saved Question Sets. All question set progress is auto-saved every minute, and are available to reload at any time.

Reviewing Your Performance. Every time you complete a question set you will be given a performance analytics specific to that set. At this point you can go back and review all the explanations for each question in the set as well. Also, at any time you may review your cumulative question bank performance.