Venting here because I feel like I can

Venting here because I feel like I can.

I have a very good friend who has been my training buddy in the past for many races. He and I like to be competitive with each other. When I first told him about my injury, he responded with many :astonished::dizzy_face::open_mouth:emojis. And I snark back saying “don’t worry I’ll still be running circles around you this summer” jokingly.

Whenever this friend asks how I’m doing, how’s the knee and how’s recovery, he quickly always turns the subject back on him, and his running, and how work is oh so stressful but he realized that he wasn’t running so maybe he should start running again and wow that’s the best I’ve felt in weeks.

Why am I so annoyed by this?!

It aggravates me that some people will just NEVER understand the magnitude of an injury like this. How it sets you back physically from your workout routine, mentally because I can’t workout like normally, and emotionally bc I just can’t wait to get back to my normal self.

I’m 3 weeks PO and in my opinion I am crushing PT. I’m treating it like I would training a race to be honest. And I can’t wait to get back to my ability to be able to run WHENEVER I want regardless of work stress and blah blah because I finally have 2 healthy knees again!

End rant. Enjoy the rest of your Thursday😂