What are the effects of different menuver on heart

what are the effects of different menuver on heart I saw so many questions in pastpappers and pastest from this topic (so I thought to made it easy to understand)

VALSULVA: decrease the preload (means less blood is available in right ventricle and less cardiac out put)

murmur of HOCM is produced by decreasing the ventricular out flow and when u have decrease preload the ventricular out flow will be decreased further thus MURMUR of HOCM will accentuate.

decrease preload = decrease blood in heart= all murmurs are decreased (MR, MS, VSD)


HANDGRIP MEANUVER: It increases your after load ( afterload means blood is not allowed to move out of heart and it will flow back)

mitral regurgitation and aortic regurgitation what they exactly do, they push back the blood and produce murmur so, handgrip menuver increase the back flow of blood thus it accentuates these murmurs ( AR, MR, ASD)

alternativly, HOCM and AS are produced when they eject the blood out so, no blood is moving out no accentuation thus decrease the murmurs of HOCM and AS

SQUATTING: ok now what this squatting do its like a pump, when u sit Stand sit stand its pumping your venous blood towards the heart thus it increase the preload…

same rule as i mention before

increase preload = increase blood=increase murmur (AS, AR, MR, MS, VSD)

its opposite to valsalva increasing the preload and increasing the blood flow through the ventricle, increasing the ventricular out flow, exactly opposite mechanism of HOCM thus (action and reaction are equal and opposite in direction) decrease murmur of HOCM

NOTE: the above explaination is written by me so there can be a Chance of error and I would appreciate if u guys correct me. thanks