What do you do to improve your mental health or to desaturate?

What do you do to improve your mental health or to desaturate?

Don’t need your judgement or trolling. Either put something constructive here or don’t bother at all.

i am a disciple of lord shiva…depression cant scratch me.never let ur inner fire extiguish
Methylcobalamin+adenosylcobalamin tablets for 3 months😊

5 To 10 km jogging. some planks, push -ups. If possible, please don’t overthink, we are mere mortals, nothing much in our hands.

Lifting weights
Listening to music
I used to do these and nothings beats exercising. I don’t do it anymore.

I watch sad n dark movies… Then I start feeling pity for the characters Nd thank God that I have a better life than them​:grinning::grinning:
Then I stop feeling sad fr me!

Mild to Moderate physical exertion (jog /run /any other kind of exercise whichever u prefer) always boost the mental soundness…

Been in that situation , motivational gurus and books don’t help it just sucks time and gives you pseudo relief. Go for running at least 30 mins as fast as u can , talk to people get social and play any sports if possible. Don’t play victim bcoz at the end we are all on our own

Talk to friends
Loved ones
Pursue a hobby
Remember to take care of yourself

Try making a proper goal sheet.
It will help you visualise your plan and take away your stress about underachievement

Listen to sidhu mossewala songs Old Skool ,Jatt da muqabala, East side flow ,Forget about it, Boot cut aur bhi bahut hai. inhe sunn ke ekdum fresh ho jao Gangsta feel aayegi aur phir confidence boost up hoga

Put yourself out of your room and get some fresh air, go out in nature, TALK , stretch, running, have real out-loud conversation with yourself.

Deep breaths , some exercise or walk, share feelings to someone that can listen,or you can join groups online offline who share the same mottos