What is constipation?

What is constipation?

The symptoms of constipation can be different for everyone.
Researchers say that doctors and ordinary people do not agree with the symptoms of constipation, due to which some people are deprived of taking advice from the physician or from the end.
According to a report, medical experts think that the big symbol of constipation is that when a person’s (day or week) has three times decreased compared to a healthy man in the needy.

The Kings College, London experts say that the definition of constipation in the light of patients needs to be fixed by the head.
According to the welfare organization ‘charity gâts u’, it shows that it is not ashamed to talk about waste.

The healthy diet that is not a part of our food.
Constipation is a very common status and apparently one of the seven healthy people is the victim of it.
The difficulties in emptying the waste or the intestines of the intestines are included in the big symptoms of constipation but despite that its diagnosis is the most important.
According to researchers, there can be a new definition of constipation like constipation in the light of six symbols:
To be in the stomach, pain and convulsing in the stomach, not to be fit as usual on the body of the clothes
Being hurt in the elimination of pạkẖạnے, the rsnạ of blood on the effort of elimination more loud, being jealousy and inflammation in the way of the pạkẖạnے
Menstruating to come less and be tough of pạkẖạnے -
In a day more three times or in a week the menstruating of at least three times is a normal status
Do not feel the need of the draw or the incomplete of the mʿdے are incomplete.
Emphysema of womb womb or swelling or the excluded of the stink fart in the loud voice
Do not control the elimination of the pạkẖạnے and the nose of the blood from the way of pạkẖạnے

What is the basis of this list?
Researchers had added 411 common doctors and 365 gas diseases experts with 2557 common people in the survey. The results of this survey were published in the American general of gy̰sٹrw ạnٹrwlwjy̰.
As a survey, experts discovered that most of the people who think about constipation symptoms are not part of the official diagnosis symptoms.

These include the following:
Staying long in the code and facing difficulties in menstruating elimination
To be the use of constipation phases using enlargement
More people who say that they are constipation, their symptoms are officially recognized, while one of three is apparently unaware of the symptoms of their constipation.
According to research, doctors and common people do not agree on constipation symptoms.
Although physical experts are a major symbol of constipation in the emissions of emissions, the half of the people who have been the victim of constipation have been taken from this experience.

What do researchers say?
The King of Kings College London, ạry̰ny̰ ڈy̰my̰ڈy̰, also said the author of the investigative report:
‘according to our research, it is possible that those who request constipation treatment is not necessary that they always know about the identity, diagnosis and treatment of these symptoms.’

They say that constipation is due to lack of fiber or water in the diet but it can cause other diseases such as ovarian cancer or system related diseases etc.
Dr. ڈY̰my̰ڈy̰ said, " when the symptoms of the system are clear, then it is necessary to repent to the doctor
Charity gâts u k Dr. Julie Harrington says it’s important to listen to the patient talk about constipation.
‘the patient is well aware of the disease based on his experience, and when the expert is with him, it becomes a beautiful match.’

They further said that every constipation is not the same and the patients get to see different symptoms.
‘because of fear and shame, people do not tell about the disease of pạkẖạnے for six months or a year.’
Constipation is a very common status and one of the seven healthy people is the victim of it

How many times should a healthy man be menstruating?

Maybe it’s hard to answer because it can be dramatically different for everyone. According to the investigative report, the people who don’t get constipation are menstruating seven times a week.
But according to experts, it is a sign of being healthy in the day or three times in a week.
This is why you need to see what’s normal for you and what changes to you.

What options are there in the treatment?

According to en, many people take the diagnosis of this disease by themselves and then try to treat it by increasing the quantity of fiber and water in the diet.
The Fiber is found in the bread of the grain, the bread, the fruit, the pulse, and the grain.
More exercise and food can be improved regularly.
According to experts, if there is no improvement in this, then there can be constipation medicines taken from the chemist.
But if constipation remains and some other symptoms also appear, then it is necessary to contact a therapist in such a situation.