What is going on? It is not possible now to give COVID duties

What is going on?It is not possible now to give COVID duties and likely to get affected and then give NEETPG examinations…our time,health and preparation everything will be ruined.It is ok to give incentives in govt jobs and those who want to join Covid duties they are highly appreciated.But providing additional marks in NEETPG examination…this is bullshit!They are playing with our minds…our lives are at stake…we have been preparing for NEETPG for so long… what is the basis of giving additional marks in NEETPG based on covid duties???Then what is the utility of working hard?Guys we direly need to raise our voice against this.Please please I need support…let’s protest…this must stop anyhow!!!

Xctly… There is so much reservation already… If they want to give them include them within service quota… General catagory student like us now where to go? Is it joke? Daily new new news…plsssss voice aganist it

What about those who working nd saving people nd find time for their preparation.we are simply sittting and reading. Do we have any reason to get additional marks for just simply sitting at home. Think before you write something we are doctors. We have some responsibilities to our community. If there is no one remaining is their any need for these exams

they will already get preference in govt jobs…dats pretty good…there is also something called service quota in NEETPG…are you not aware of that???On top of that now they are planning to give incentive for Covid duties…where do we stand then?Why are you sitting at home then?Go and work and serve your country…itz all about choice…nothing is mandatory…once we are residents we have to do covid duties…itz our responsibility…we are not sitting back at home just to chew candies and to be pampered by parents!All of us have a purpose…don’t be silly!