What is scabies and treatment


Scabies is an itchy skin condition caused by a tiny burrowing mite called Sarcoptes scabiei. The presence of the mite leads to intense itching in the area of its burrows. The urge to scratch may be especially strong at night.
Scabies is contagious and can spread quickly through close physical contact in a family, child care group, school class or nursing home. Because of the contagious nature of scabies, doctors often recommend treatment for entire families or contact groups to eliminate the mite.
Take heart in that scabies is readily treated. Medications applied to our skin kill the mites that cause scabies and their eggs, although us may still experience some itching for several weeks.

:point_right:Itching, often severe and usually worse at night
:point_right:Thin irregular burrow tracks made up of tiny blisters or bumps on your skin
Between fingers
:point_right:In armpits
:point_right:On your inner elbow
:point_right:On the soles of your feet
:point_right:Around breasts
:point_right:Around the male genital area
:point_right:On buttocks
:point_right:On knees
:point_right:On shoulder blades
:point_right:Around your waist
:point_right:Along the insides of wrists

In children, common sites of infestation include the
:point_right:Palms of the hands
:point_right:Soles of the feet

The eight-legged mite that causes scabies in humans is microscopic. The female mite burrows just beneath our skin and produces a tunnel in which it deposits eggs. The eggs hatch in 3 to 4 days, and the mite larvae work their way to the surface of our skin, where they mature and can spread to other areas of our skin or to the skin of other people. The itching of scabies results from our body’s allergic reaction to the mites, their eggs and their waste.
Close physical contact and, less often, sharing clothing or bedding with an infected person can spread the mites.

If itching is severe then u can(Prednisolone)

Topical permethrin

Permethrin is generally considered safe for children and adults of all ages, including women who are pregnant or nursing.


Secondary infection should be considered in patients with weeping, yellow-crusted lesions and treated with the appropriate systemic or topical
Betamethason plus neomycin topical

Older children and adults should apply permethrin or lindane to the entire body from the neck down and wash it off after 8 to 14 h.Permethrin is often preferred because lindane can be neurotoxic. Treatments should be repeated in 7 days.

Because scabies spreads so easily

treatment for all family members and other close contacts, even if they show no signs of scabies infestation.
and items (eg, towels, clothing, bedding) should be washed in hot water and dried in a hot dryer or isolated (eg, in a closed plastic bag) for at least 3 days.