What is the cause of nose bleeding} Epistaxis} And how to prevent?

The main cause of nose blood is high blood pressure!!

High blood pressure is known as one of the causes of nose bleeding in elderly people, but researchers say the primary cause of nose bleeding in these cases is not blood pressure and high blood pressure will affect more bleeding intensity and duration.

This type of nose bleeding caused with high blood pressure is part of the second cause of nose bleeding in the back of the nose and the person feels thick blood coming out of his nose and It makes a very annoying feeling for that person if the bleeding is too long, you should visit a doctor that usually the doctor will find a way to treat the patient by asking questions and examining the person, according to his diagnosis.

Nose mucus drying:

Another cause of nose bleeding is dry skin inside the nose and happens more in the winter, as the person manipulates his nose with drying up the nose mucus, causing rips in the nose.

It’s better to use fatty pimps such as AD pamad to prevent this supply during the winter season.


Nose injury is another cause of bleeding that may cause this broken nose bone, in which case a doctor should be visited.

How to stop nose bleeding?

If nose bleeding is caused by nose bleeding to stop it, just keep your head straight and hold your nose for a while to stop the bleeding.

Losing too much blood causes pressure to decrease…


Raising your head to stop nose bleeding only causes blood to swallow and has no role in stopping it. You shouldn’t do this