What your nails tell about your health

What your nails tell about your health

Did you know that fingertile nails can tell a lot about your health?

Yes it may be hard to believe but doctors can tell a lot about your health by looking at nails. A report published by Dawn on Nail and Human Health about 30 different medical symptoms through nails. Various diseases can be assessed by looking at this.

Club nails

Round and middle nails, if they are in any hand, they can be a sign of gas and other liver diseases in Bafaton.

Dunt in the nails

If the middle of the nail looks like it has small dints on it or is suppressed inside, they are showing the risk of joint diseases or inflammatory skin.

Lines in the nails

If a strange line between the nails is going from one to another, it can be a sign of a severe dietary deficiency, nail figures, chemotherapy, or an altitude disease.

Spoony nails

If the nails become upside down like a spoon, it can be likely to cause iron deficiency in the body.

Nails with uprooted

If nails start to separate from the surface of the skin, it is caused by Thai ride diseases, gland derakia or other autoimmune diseases.

Two colored nails

If one part of the nails is white and the other is pink or dark, it is highlighting kidney and liver problems.