Whats the best acl brace for a left knee?

Whats the best acl brace for a left knee?

6ft 225 pounds with big thighs.

Need for bowling, ski and baseball.

We loved the Ossur CTi ProSport.

My son is about the same build and used that brace for football. He had a custom for his surgical knee. Ossur has great customer service as well. We had a warranty issue with the custom during football season and they completely remade a new brace for him and shipped us an off the shelf brace at no cost for him to use while the custom was remade.

He injured his other knee his senior season and needed an off the shelf brace for his right knee. We contacted Ossur and went through their circle of champions program. The brace was $275 and the salesman went above and beyond, driving a good 4 hours to pick up the brace and hand deliver it to our home so my son could have it in time for football practice.