When I became a hairdresser 26 years ago

When I became a hairdresser 26 years ago, my hands developed eczema/dermatitis so badly I couldn’t even sleep. I had bumps, inflammation, and the itchiness was insane! I adjusted. Found things that would keep it at bay but it was never gone. I even didn’t do the obligatory wedding photos of our rings because my hands were so ugly.
Fast forward 26 years and I am beyond thrilled! I’ve found something unexpected that has cleared it up. I mean…cleared it up!!! Makes me teary because I haven’t felt this good in my own skin…literally my entire adult life.
The picture below is after 60 days, and my hands were not great but fir me tolerable. And then within 10 days…magic started happening.
I’m screaming it from the roof tops because when you find something that works you share it!!! This works. It’s Collagen Elixir that you drink so it’s easy. No more slimey creams and ointments and band aids.