When you feel upset and hopeless

When you feel upset and hopeless
So read Surah Al-Fatiha because when
No Revelation has been revealed to you for six months on the Prophet (peace be upon him), nor the Gabriel.
N ہ a p (peace be upon him) rḵwb my̰ں ہ m ہ wa tu a p (peace be upon him) of shan ہ and g ے t ھ ے, of would r ہ n ے lg ے tu come to n n ے surah victims And the frmạy, the body of the interpretation is the interpretation of the :herb:
If you are upset, wake up early at night and wake up early and look at the beautiful morning
If you don’t want to be there, if you don’t have a few days, you will have a good morning. :herb:
Then he said, " O Muhammad! Your Lord is not displeased with you, nor does he forget you.
S ے s b b ہ t b e b e b e e?
Tu but the forehead has been ڈھ of and tu surah victims p ڪ ạglḵ :herb:


And the sacrifice * and the night if you lie * what and your Lord and what he said * and the other is good for you from the first * and your Lord will give you, you are satisfied * didn’t he find you an orphan, and he found you lost, and he found you families, richer Either the orphan do not conquer * and the liquid is not dismember * and by the grace of your lord sheee