Which of the changes occur in bone growth -

1.Which of the changes occur in bone growth -

1.Increased acid phosphatase
2.Increased urinary calcium
3.Increased bone nucleotidase
4.Increased osteocalcin

During bone growth and development, bone formation, i.e. osteoblastic activity predominates → Osteocalcin is used as sensitive and specific serum marker for osteoblastic activity.

2.Bone resorption markers are -

1.Serum propeptide of type I procollagen
3.Urine total free deoxyridinoline
4.Free glutamic acid cross likage

Markers of bone resorption

Urine & serum cross linked N telopeptide
Urine & serum cross linked C telopeptide
Urine total free deoxypyridinoline
Urine hydroxyproline
Urine hydroxylysine glycosides
Serum tartarate resistant acid phosphatase
Serum bone sialoprotein