Which of the following is a cause of reversible dementia?

Which of the following is a cause of reversible dementia?
A. Subacute combined degeneration
B. Picks disease
C. Creutzfeldt — Jakob disease
D. Alzheimers disease

Correct answer : A. Subacute combined degeneration

Subacute combined degeneration is caused by vitamin B12 deficiency and is potentially reversible.

All of the following CSF findings are present in tuberculous meningitis, except:
A. Raised protein levels
B. Low chloride levels
C. Cob web formation
D. Raised sugar levels

Correct answer : D. Raised sugar levels

Glucose levels are decreased in tuberculous meningitis.

Normal CSF glucose level in the normoglycemic adult is:
A. 20-40 mg/dl
B. 40-70 mg/dl
C. 70-90 mgdl
D. 90-110 mg/dl

Correct answer : B. 40-70 mg/dl

Which one of the following is the most common location of hypertensive bleed in the brain?
A. Putamen/external capsule
B. Pons
C. Ventricles
D. Lobar white matter

Correct answer : A. Putamen/external capsule

Which of the following features are seen in lower motor lesions?
A. Flaccid paralysis
B. Hyperactive stretch reflex
C. Spasticity
D. Muscular incordination

Correct answer : A. Flaccid paralysis

Which of the following drugs is useful in prophylaxis of migraine?
A. Propranolol
B. Sumatriptan
C. Domperidone
D. Ergotamine

Correct answer : A. Propranolol

Drugs for prophylaxis of migraine:

Beta antagonists – propranalol, timolol
Anti epileptics – Valproate
Antidepressants – amitryptiline, nortryptiline
MOA inhibitors – phenelzine
Serotonergic agents – methysergide, cyproheptadine
Misc – verapamil

Cluster headache is characterized by all, except:
A. Affects predominantly females
B. Unilateral headache
C. Onset typically in 20-50 years of life
D. Associated with conjunctival congestion

Correct answer : A. Affects predominantly females

Males are predominantly affected by cluster headache.

Discriminant function is used for determining the prognosis of?
A. Alcoholic hepatitis
B. Cirrhosis
C. Viral hepatitis
D. Fulminant hepatic failure
E. Hepatocellular carcinoma

The modified Maddrey’s discriminant function is used to determine prognosis of alcoholic hepatitis. It is calculated as follows:

It is useful in predicting short term prognosis especially mortality within 30 days. A value more than 32 implies poor outcome with one month mortality ranging between 35% to 45%.

All of the following conditions are known to cause diabetes insipidus except:
A. Multiple sclerosis
B. Head injury
C. Histiocytosis
D. Viral encephalitis

Correct answer : A. Multiple sclerosis