Which Solution for allergic asthma

which Solution for allergic asthma

according to stage and severity…steroid should be used…like salbutamol terbutalin as nebulizer…these are short acting…long acting like monteleukast etc…according to the severity the drug dose shiould be maintained

Sayeed Khan u r absolutely right but R/C seroflo me 100 200 or 400 ata hai according to pt severity

i told here in brief… complete treatment can be prescribed after attending the patient…there is close question of allergic asthma…so we can not decide accurate medication without taking complete history

Montelukst with levoceterzine allergic rhinitis me use hota hai

Montulukast with levocetrezin

Depends upon which type that is …severe…mild …or moderate…then you can take medications

Fexofinadin + montelukast. Or
Ebastin + montelukaste

Cetrizin 1 tab a day for 10 days in the early morning on empty stomach.