Which will compress the optic chiasm closely related to the gland

It is a case of pituitary apoplexy that is bleeding inside the previous pituitary micro-adenoma which will compress the optic chiasm closely related to the gland.

Supero-temporal quadrantanopia is usually associated with temporal lobe lesions; not sellar-suprasellar masses.

Bcoz superior quadrantopia is caused by only macroadenoma in which size is more than 10mm … In the qstn he asked u about microadenoma not macro…

It is simple… It will compress optic chiasma… And and will cause bitemporal hemianopia.

Superior temporal quandrantanopia Or pie in sky is seen when lesion is in inferior fibres in temporal lobe of brain

I guess for pie in the sky the lesion is to be in homonynous, ( means left eye r8 side and right eye r8 side,)

But optic chaisma superior temporal quandranatopia which is heteronymus… (Left eye left and right eye right)

I guess ur mixing… Optic chaisma lesion with optic radiation lesion both are different…