Why Gujarat & Maharashtra people's are filing PIL in there respective HC?

Why Gujarat & Maharashtra people’s are filing PIL in there respective HC?.
They are manipulating court just to take entry into the mop up round… All were aware of the rules before the counseling & even SC had not changed any rule in the midway… SC had clearly stated joined candidates are not eligible… But still they are filing PIL…Pls all those people stop this PIL…Don’t create unnecessary chaos…Let’s the mop up round should begins…

We are denied our right because our state counselling committee didn’t follow mcc’s rules properly… That qs. No 47 according to which we should’ve have got free exit in 1st round and exit with forfeiture in 2nd round was never followed in our states

every state has been customising their rules of state counselling since 2018.

If u really want enforce all the rules in all the states, why have some states not cancelled their state mopup? According to the brochure and the notification all the state rounds are supposed to happen after respectve all india rounds right?

Why are u not bothered by that?

You are only bothered when something is threatening your own probability of getting a good seat.

So please, first go and cancel the state mopups.

If u want to enforce, enforce all the rules in all the states then come and fight against one particular state