Why some top rankers choose dnb radio over md radio?

why some top rankers choose dnb radio over md radio?

They don’t choose they just block…third round Mae Sab seats wapis aati h dnb ki

Half of them blocked…half of them chose it because of bond and infrastructure related issues

In most of the colleges latest advancements are not available…like I know many colleges where even ct and mri facilities are not present , and if present these are on the public private partnership basis … Ppl with top ranks takes md radio in these colleges and do only ultrasound for 3years… And after 3 years they get competition for usg from a sonologist who got sonology diploma just in six months and is equal in the eyes of general population.

On the other hands… As DNB is available mostly in the corporate hospitals and these hospitals are well equipped with latest technology… There radiology residents learn contrast enhance usg, steriotectic procedures including interventional radiology…

That is the region some people opt DNB instead MD

DNB RD> MD RD in many cases. MD rd in peripheral institutes are very poor with no academics.

Radio ka work field hi machines hai…better the machine equiments better opportunities to learn…radio opthal have much benefit in dnb they deal with equipments more than patient itself

Chances of getting a desired md radio seat in desired colleges decreases once cross 800-1000 rank but starts from almost similar rank under top DNB Clgs especially for unreserved candidates which obviously are as u can see from allotment list. This can be one of the reason for which sometimes they need to be called as seat blockers😂
They have taken in round one doesn’t means they are going to freeze it, they are just passing some spare time they have got during lockdown.

Many won’t join finally but yes many also prefer DNB over md for many reasons when it comes to radio.radio is v good in DNB actually

What I’ve understood from talking with several senior radiologist and residents.This is the trend one should follow-

Md Radio(from central institute/top notch Govt college)> Md Radio (from elite private medical college like manipal, amrita if you can afford)> DNB Radio(from top hospitals) > Md radio from peripheral colleges> DNB radio from peripheral hospitals > Diploma Radio

Central institutes,top govt colleges and elite pvt institutions have both patient load and latest modalities

Dnb top institutes have great modalities but patient load is less as compared to MD.

Hope it helps

Bcoz DNB have all latest technology not just in radio but in other dept also like proton beam therapy, robotic surgery, molecular diagnosis which peripheral govt college can only dream off.


They have probably taken 3 seats, 1 from all India, 1 from state counseling and 1 from DNB counseling. This might be due to multiple reasons, but the main reason why DNB seats have become easy pickings this time is because there is no security deposition and its possible forfeiture.

NBE has also removed the criteria, this time, that a person can only participate in the further rounds only after payment of full tuition fee (which was there in 2019) and they can simply proceed to the subsequent rounds by just not freezing the alloted seat.

This will allow the insensitive and indecisive high rankers to continue playing the DNB counseling game, which seems like a game to them.

I don’t think that they will wilfully opt out of the further rounds until DNB or NBE asks everyone to pay the the amount for fees and further proceed to physical verification of documents before the second and third rounds.

They will keep on filling choices in the further rounds and keep on exchanging seats between themselves and eventually the seats will go to the mop up rounds.

We, the candidates who are looking or are desperate to take a seat from the DNB counseling, will be left with a seat that is lower on our order of preference, to say the least. A person who wants radio from Sir Gangaram won’t get it. This seat will eventually go to the mop up round and a person lower on the merit list will get lucky.

I have nothing against mop up rounds(in fact, it helps both the students and the organization against wastage of precious seats and time).

But if one has a chance, it should be fair and merit based until it can be. Just because some have scored more(the high rankers), they shouldn’t get to play with or decide our future or satisfy their own filthy egos by cherry picking seats everywhere.

I know that some of you might point out that since DNB will give the allottment letter only after the second round and thus there is no reason for urgency and we should leave it to the NBE for taking the necessary actions in due course of time.

I agree partially to this.

The only problem is that, more the number of HONEST rounds of counseling there are, the more is our chance of getting a better or a higher preferred seat.

I am only asking ourselves to be vigilant and requesting the high rankers to be decisive.

If push comes to shove, we should be ready to en masse email NBE with our arguments and demand action.