Why this candidate failed this case ? rec vaginal candidiasis

why this candidate failed this case ? rec vaginal candidiasis

A pissed off patient, she is asking what’s going on. I apologized as this is the 4th visit to same GP(me) I told her I understand your frustration. But I need to understand whether I missed something . Ensured confidentiality . So can I ask a few questions from you ? But throughout she was a bad patient answering me in like “whatever” attitude . History – Discharge Q – CCVO , Itchy rash , fever ,abdominal pain ? 5Ps – Use tampon or pads ? Left a tampon? Chance of pregnancy ? Pill how long? PAP/Gardasil ? Past h/o – DM ? Family h/o DM ? SADMA – Anxiety ? Steroid use ? Antibiotic ? PEFE – BMI – Normal , BSL – not done Vitals – NAD Chest – NAD Abdomen – NAD Pelvic exam with consent and in presence of chaperon inspection – Discharge+ , Scratch marks +, Rash . Speculum – Any mass , Removable Foreign body . Bimanual – No adnexal mass . Swab with consent for fungal studies. Management – Check BSL, stop pill– change to condom , send the swab to microbiology oral fluconazole , avoid tight undergarments ….Bell rang I knew I’ll fail

Hi dr Maria why do you think the candidate failed?