You will not get TRP by doing such good work

Now that it has become soo easy to sway govt by doctors community…why is it not used against some productive ways but only for exam postponement.we are the lowest paid govt professionals…least respected officials…most hit by violence…devoid of any benifits for working tirelessly…these are far more important things in a doctor’s life than getting a pg seat which is just a phase…if govt is listening to us just with a Twitter storm… Why is nobody bothered about other bad things happening in a doctor’s life…?

You will not get TRP by doing such good work.

All because we don’t have unity even in the slightest of the matters. And so we are hit hard always

No it’s not just Twitter storm.

It’s one of us(doctor),behind all this shit n

Because Marrow will not fund a protest for these demands…