Z this true? Mop up new schedule

Z this true?

Mop up new schedule

This is for special round not mop up

to fill up the 146 seats which are freshly being added before mopup

Not fake…

It has started…

They are having a separate counselling for the 146 seats?

If we don’t want to participate in special round…can we participate in mop up ?

How will we get mop up round paid money back for NBE

Can we fill choices again for all seats or for only 146 seats

  1. Among those 146 seats, state govt college seats, 50% wil go to states and more will go to states if its permitted seat

  2. Its open for all, suppose anyone is holding a seat, now reallots thru special round, then his previous seat wil become vacant

or then they have to re-run the 2nd round software of allotment for all candidates whether he is holding a seat or not

then the state must do the same🤔

If we participate in special round…are we allowed to participate in mop up round as well?